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      Filing for a Las Vegas divorce in is slightly different than other Nevada divorces.  While the procedure is the same in general, the Las Vegas divorce procedure has a required parenting type class called COPE if there are children involved.  While some may see this as an inconvenience, it is a unique opportunity and approach for Las Vegas parents.  Your child can't help but benefit from the parents taking this class.  Because of this (and other reasons below), it is suggested that Las Vegas residents wanting to file for a divorce do so in Las Vegas and not elsewhere.
Uncontested Las Vegas divorce Nevada filings are simple.
     While Nevada law appears to be unclear (or has a gap in it when both people file for an uncontested divorce) and does not appear to require a divorce to be filed in the county you live in, our approach when children are involved is that the divorce should be filed where you and your spouse live.  While some services will file your Las Vegas divorce in another county or jurisdiction so they can keep using the same forms and so Las Vegas parents can avoid the COPE class, there are disadvantages to not filing in your county.  No matter how well thought out your divorce is and how well you and your spouse are currently getting along, there is a chance that an issue regarding child custody, visitation or child support will surface later.  If you filed your Nevada divorce in a different county than where you live, then you will need to travel to that county to deal with your divorce issues or try to have the case transferred back to where you live.  At a minimum, you will have to file your initial papers and request for changing the court location in the different county - which in itself can be inconvenient.
Filing a Nevada Las Vegas divorce is fast.
     Divorce issues can still arise in addition to custody or visitation.  Other issues can involve alimony or property or asset distribution such as one person not following through on their divorce obligations or a need to adjust the alimony or property distributions.  Because of these possibilities, it is recommended that you consider filing your uncontested Las Vegas divorce in Las Vegas.  Our divorce services are tailored to each individual city and county and in the case of a Las Vegas divorce, they are naturally drafted specifically for Las Vegas.

     To learn about our different uncontested Las Vegas divorce packages, documents, forms and services, just click here. Filing a Las Vegas uncontested divorce in Nevada is easy and cheap.