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How we're different

      Many call themselves document preparers or certified document preparers or paralegals when it comes to preparing Nevada divorce papers.  But there are very few if any requirements for someone to give themselves a title.  In addition to having in house and on-site attorneys, we use individuals that have worked in the legal field for many years and that have intricately worked with Nevada legal documents, court processes and even litigation.  You can be assured your Nevada divorce documents are specifically drafted and prepared for your particular city and county.  All services are performed in Nevada.  Be aware of services that look like they are located in Nevada.  Be sure to ask if you dont see an address, especially if they have a court house picture that is not a Nevada court house. Uncontested divorce in Nevada is simple.

Nevada Specific Divorce Filings

 Our Services

      We fully prepare county and court specific documents for every court in Nevada, including Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City.  We also provide you with the individual filing requirements and instructions for the Court you chose.  We use both legal assistants and Nevada attorneys in providing our services to you.  With the exception of some personal information we let you fill in (such as social security numbers), we perform all of the divorce document preparation.  You simply answer some online questions and we do the rest.  You may also save your answers and come back later to finish them.  After you submit them to us, we then prepare your Nevada divorce papers.  While we do not expect you to have any questions, we are here to answer any questions you may have.  After your Nevada divorce papers are prepared, you will get complete instructions on your specific court, their procedures and how to get your forms through the entire court process.  If for any reason there is a problem or a correction that needs to be made for the court to process your documents, we will be there to assist or make any changes necessary. A joint divorce uncontested in Nevada is affordable.


Comprehensive Nevada Documents and Forms

Our Products

      Instead of being a company that tries to prepare every possible form for every state, we intentionally focus ourselves so that we provide exceptional service to your Nevada needs.  All our divorce forms and products are prepared by and reviewed by a Nevada attorney.  The divorce documents are not only state specific, but also county and court specific.  You receive all supporting and needed forms as well as clear instructions on what to expect and how to proceed through your divorce.  Not only are our Nevada divorce forms designed by an attorney, but they are designed to lessen the chances of future divorce issues arising.  Issues may always arise after a divorce, but by addressing many of them in the divorce papers (instead of just a simple form to accomplish a divorce), certain future disagreements can be lessened or avoided.  A lot of thought and preparation has gone into our Nevada divorce papers.  Some companies let you simply write in matters you think of such as visitation with a child. But we provide multiple options and choices to cover scenarios you possibly have not thought of.  Also, unlike other companies that try to sell you that attorneys are not necessary, we subscribe to a different way of thinking.  When you and your spouse can agree on all issues, then we can save you substantial fees over using an attorney.  But if you have not spoken with your spouse and simply want to file for a divorce without an agreement, then a document service may do you a disservice when they prepare those documents.  We too have and can prepare documents for you to file in court and initiate divorce proceedings, but if your spouse then contests the proceedings, then you could be in a worse position having filed the papers without having an attorney ready to assist you with your particular needs and circumstances.  While we can make a fee off for preparing such a divorce paper, we would not be doing you a service.  So our philosophy is if you need to file for a Nevada divorce with any issue that could possibly be contested, then you should find a Nevada attorney you like and have them take you through the process from the beginning.
     To learn about our different packages and services, just click here.  Get a fast, quick and easy divorce in Nevada. You can obtain a quick and fast Nevada internet divorce in about 10 days. Online Nevada uncontested divorces are fast since no hearing is required.


Nevada Divorce Options with both spouses signing

      We offer several options in divorce packages and prices so it can be tailored exactly to your needs.  Each option requires different information and work on our end, so we offer "add ons" to accommodate your specific needs.  Our forms are not typical simple forms that you may find elsewhere, but instead are designed to truly be thorough.  Please read more about our forms in our "About Us" category.  Our forms are tailored to specific needs so they are very complete as well as not selling something you do not need.  You start with the standard divorce package and then add on options depending on whether you have children or assets, property and debt.  Unless there are unusual circumstances, your divorce should proceed effortlessly through.  However, no company or service can actually guarantee a divorce since each individual's circumstances are different as well as each judge being different and sometimes wanting different information.  But we stand behind our documents and will always make corrections on the off chance a particular judge wants an adjustment. 

          Standard Divorce - includes spousal support if desired:
         (no children, property, assets or debts that need to be addressed)
         (if you owe back taxes and want the taxes addressed or allocated
         differently than the IRS, then you need to add on the Debt option)

$ 89 total (does not include court filing fee or notary fees)
          Divorce with Property, Assets and/or Debt:
         (does not include dividing any pension plans)

$250 total (does not include court filing fee or notary fees)

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          We also have other divorce options that may be needed in specific situations.


 Nevada Divorce Options with just one person signing

      While we DO NOT recommend a divorce filing without both spouses agreeing and signing the papers, there may be times where this is necessary.  Contrary to popular belief, you cannot file for a divorce and then just obtain a default.  Once you sue for a divorce, you will have to serve your spouse with the papers.  In the vast majority of cases you will eventually have to settle your case so you might as well discuss everything with your spouse and come to an agreement as to how the divorce can be resolved.  Since you will need to do this eventually anyway, you might as well do it in the beginning prior to even filing for a divorce.  If you don't do this and simply file and sue for a divorce, then you run the risk of your spouse contesting the divorce which may now require an attorney.  This will only increase your expenses which could have been saved if both of you had come to an agreement and filed the papers together.  Going through this process will also take longer than a standard divorce. A Nevada uncontested divorce is common.
     However, there are times in which your spouse simply will not agree to a divorce or you do not know where your spouse is and you know he or she will not be able to be located.  In these instances, filing by yourself is your only option and we can help you with this process too by walking you through it as well as preparing your papers.  We offer very well thought out and drafted papers to accommodate these rare situations.  Prior to a Court granting a divorce where you have not been able to serve your spouse with the divorce papers, the Court will want to make sure you did everything possible to locate your spouse.  Therefore investigation fees will be necessary as well as publication fees in a paper. Nevada divorce filing for an uncontested divorce is cheap.
     The fees for just one person signing the divorce papers are the same as above plus an additional $175 for the different papers and extra work involved.  This additional fee is for the paperwork only and does not include any investigation fees, filing fees, newspaper publication fees or other fees that you may incur.  We will of course assist you through this entire process if you need this type of filing, including helping you find an investigator (who will probably mostly do a database search).  But due to each situation being different, we do not charge a flat fee for these services - and if we did that would usually mean that you would be overpaying since our fee would be set to make sure our expenses were covered and we would not want to do that to you. Nevada online internet divorces can be cheap and affordable. Nevada divorces can be cheap and discounted with proper forms. A cheap discount uncontested Nevada divorce does not require a hearing. Filing for an uncontested Nevada divorce is easy.

You can file an uncontested divorce in Nevada.